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This page provides a handy link to all posts on this blog…if your new here why not catch up on the old posts you might have missed.

the list will be updated as I post new articles, the most recent stuff being on top (just like my case notes!)

One Social Workers Reflections on the Children Rights Referendum

Childrens Rights Referendum under Starters Orders…..

Following the Paper Trail All the Way to Hell

Aftercare…or just care after the fact?

Access, family contact, and some ultimate truths about social work

Schrödinger’s Cat, Pandora’s Box and the Duty Social Worker….

The Minister, the Grants, and the Social Worker

Sentenced to Transportation….The Placement of Children Overseas.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics…Social Work by Numbers

I Blame the Social Worker

A Typical Day In Court

Report of the National Review Panel for Serious Incidents & Child Deaths

A bleak future for Social Work?

Mandatory Reporting or Mandatory Madness

Social Workers Call for Urgent Change to the Child Protection & Welfare System in Ireland

Child Protection Myths and Reality

Social Work and Social Change

Key People in Irish Child Protection – The Attorney General

Munro Review and Irish Child Protection

Fourth Report of the Special Rapporteur on Child Protection


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