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I have started this blog to write about life on the coal face of child protection in Ireland. Child protection has been a contentious and at times controversial area of Irish life. However it is an area that is often shrouded and unseen by the general public and only discussed in time of scandal. Yet modern child protection asks, or at least should ask deep questions about us as a country and a society.

I aim to use this blog to lift the lid a little and give a better idea of what happens in child protection which remains a mystery to so many people, including those of us on the inside.

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  1. April 25, 2013 14:48

    what would be nice is if you stated what area of Ireland you work in as in my experience investigating human rights violations in Ireland social workers do little to protect children’s human rights in reality, but instead are poorly trained and misuse attachment theory in order to promote traumatic bonding to others, have no understanding of the right to family being the right to their own family as opposed to a family that they are forced to join in a traumatic manner. There are so many Human rights violations in Ireland and it is consistently glossed over by stating the best interests of the child yet ignores the child’s best interests and seems instead to be the best interests of the state/social worker involved. It’s about making the professional’s lives/jobs easier as opposed to providing for the best for the child and the child’s family. However, perhaps that is only the social work departments that I have been investigating as opposed to yours. I must note that your Shrodinger’s Cat, Pandora’s Box and the duty social worker note certainly demonstrates the bias and fear that drives social work in Ireland and furthermore demonstrates that you do not seek to help children and family’s but instead have a trained response to think the worst and seek to remove a child. I would find it interesting if you would write about how to have more safe guards in place to ensure that false allegations are fully vetted and the promotion of honesty and integrity rather than secrecy and hysteria which has been consistently found in my investigations. it seems that I do not see how you are promoting the family and how to ensure a child is not removed and when removed is restored as quickly as possible to their own family as opposed to traumatically forcing them into another that is not nor ever will be their real family. This unethical practice of seeking care orders for children until the age of 18 is in violation of human rights law and yet I only see your desire to defend the status quo and your colleagues. If you really want to give a light into the dark are of your profession then you should seek to name the bad social workers and get them out of the job and away from vulnerable children and families as that is truly in their best interests. I welcome a response or dialogue from you.

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