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Roma Reports, Bad Reports and No Reports

November 13, 2013

I have been working on a new post where I do some reflection on the nature of social work, which is all very grand but also very introspective. While I continued to struggle with time and with my own mental meanderings and dead ends, I was snapped back to the often harsh reality of child protection by some of the reports about the Roma Case.

When reading media pieces and listening to politicians I get the feeling that they don’t fully understand the way the social work services are set up or work. Nor do they display any real insight into social work , nor in fact does it seem they have even spoken to a social worker at all.

But who needs to talk to a social worker or a client when all you want to do is score cheap political points.

Before the last election was set up by Fine Gael to “Let the light in” on child protection. They used the website to publish leaked reports about social work services, about death of children in care and internal HSE reviews. It was just the right sort of place to post the Gardai and HSE reports into these case. As any of you who clicked the link above have found out, the website has closed and is just a hosting company ad. Mr. Shatter was all for openness on the opposition benches, but now that its his turn we get silence. Once again it was all about politics, not child protection.

These recent reports, along with a timetable to address issues highlighted in them, should be made public as soon as possible, and child protection social work should not be a political football.

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