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New Writings, Same Subjects.

October 28, 2013

Its been a year since I wrote anything.

My last post was in relation to the children’s rights referendum about this time last year.  At that time I said that I supported the referendum but that it was only a start; that it needed to be matched with resources and with services. Here we are a year later and well like my blog stuck in the same place. The referendum remains subject to a high court challenge and is buried somewhere on the court list not getting heard and not getting enacted. At the same time the new Children and Family Agency which was to be up and running by now still hasn’t become a reality. Service are losing funding, private services are harder and harder to get approval for. Social Work teams remain understaffed and under resourced. Much spoken of re-structuring remains an idea and not a fact.

With social work in Ireland stuck in the same place as last year I feel less bad about my blog being stuck in the same place.

For what ever reason I am having a burst of creativity and have a head full of ideas, perhaps it’s the anger at this lack of change, perhaps its wanting to offer an insiders view of the recent mess of the Roma families recent torture at the hands of the state, but I hope to get a few posts up over the coming weeks if I get the time to write and hopefully can continue to post regularly after that.

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  1. Tracey permalink
    October 28, 2013 20:01

    Good to have you back. I was I only thinking the other day that I hadn’t received any emails re:posts. I look forward to your upcoming posts!

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