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Report of the National Review Panel for Serious Incidents & Child Deaths

October 18, 2011

Today the National Review Panel for Serious Incidents & Child Deaths published its first report, detailing its work since being established last year.

The HSE press release can be found HERE, and the reports HERE. RTE spent a significant amount of time of Drivetime today discussing these reports, I will post a link when it becomes available on their website. The Show featured Dr. Helen Buckely, ubiquitous in Child Protection in Ireland (involved in the Ferns Report, Children First and dozen other boards and reports) and Catherine Ghent (lawyer heavily involved in Family Law) and is well worth a listen.

The reports detail 35 deaths and 16 serious incidents of children in care since the review panel was set up in March 2010 until recently. The reports state that there were 22 deaths last year and 13 this year alongside nine serious incidents last year and seven this year. As the report itself states the numbers of deaths never rose above the death rate for the general population.

The Review Panel also published in-depth reports on several cases…these I havent yet had time to read but will update this post with reflections on these in the coming days.

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