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Social Workers Call for Urgent Change to the Child Protection & Welfare System in Ireland

July 2, 2011

The Children and Family Special Interest Group of the Irish Association of Social Workers have just launched a discussion document called ‘A Call For Change’ – download a copy HERE.

This call for change is meant to be just a first step, a start of a process where social workers start advocating for better services, and better outcomes for clients. Any there is a scandal or a crisis in social work with yet more shocking headlines, we never hear from the social workers, from the people struggling on the front line and who are left with all the responsibility. The reality is often much more complex and cannot be reduced to a red top headline.

There are many positive things in here, but one thing missing is a critique of society at large. You can have a perfect social work system, but as long as it is embedded in the killing fields inequality and poverty, what change can be achieved will be limited. There is nothing in here like the call to action of the Case Con Manifesto. Maybe that’s a good thing, focusing on what can be changed instead of over the top Marxist rhetoric.

What is a good thing is that this document has been published, and that it marks a beginning of social workers standing up for themselves, for better services, and ultimately for our clients.

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